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Proactive Automatic Cyber Threats Hunting Technology

Attacker Behavior Analytics thwarting solution


In a Cyber world of APT’s (LOL-BIN), 3rd party, Insider threat and advance Ransoms, there is only one product in the market that enables early thwarting of advanced threats, a full solution that is based-on ABAT (Attacker Behavior Analytics Technology)  CyTwist  


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CyTwist’s groundbreaking solution is the only Proactive Attackers Behavior Analytics Layer on top of your Cyber Security technology, currently the only solution capable of solving the fundamental Cybersecurity problem: expose complex Cyber Threats proactively in a reliable & effective way, allowing real-time early prevention. We focus on end-to-end proactive threat exposure, without attempting to optimize individual alerts.

CyTwist’s solution has been deployed in Telco’s MSSPs and Financial leaders and is targeting heavily attacked organizations






CyTwist’s Unique Value Added:

  • Depth - Expose the invisible threat (include the most sophisticated APTs)

  • Agility – Expose the attacker in the bud.

  • Breadth - Expose the full attacker’s path.

  • Validity - Expose only true attacks

  • Clarity - Expose all the details needed

  • Response - Attack immediate containment - SOAR \ Playbook

CyTwist’s Unique Offering:

  • Easy Onboarding

  • No agent

  • Real-time

  • Zero change

  • API Connectivity

  • Immediate results

  • Automatic fine-tuning

  • SaaS, On-prem & Hybrid

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We are a small group of cyber and technology experts, alumni of the Israeli intelligence community 8200 unit & more.

CyTwist's IP is based on an approach that was designed by our founder while thwarting terrorist attacks, an act that changed dramatically the counter-terrorism thwarting efforts.

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology 
is Indistinguishable from magic" 

Arthur C Clarke